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Fortuna's Fruits

20.11.2017 15:21
Fancy going back in time a bit and trying your luck on a slot game with classic fruits, whirring gears, and playing cards? Even though this particular slot game can be blended in with all the other games of its design, the new sound effects and decent payouts make it worth everyone’s while! Then there is the Wild which this slot offers, and it is quite peculiar indeed. We are referring to the big and shiny red box with the letters WILD on it, of course. Not only can it appear on any reel, but it can also substitute any of the regular symbols. Which is quite useful, as many times players find themselves in a ‘dead-end’ with completely worthless combinations! And just like the cornucopia of this lovely Goddess of Fortune, the Wild can shower some serious cash upon you. In fact, 5-of-its-kind combos which involve this Wild will open up a secret treasure chest containing up to 6000 coins! You can even cash these out directly from your launch screen! But as far as the bonus-mania goes, there’s more up this slot game’s sleeve. The Bonus Symbol, which looks like a shiny stash of gems and gold coins, can really turn your spins on their heads! This will give you more than a solid head start. Whenever it chooses to ‘grace us with its appearance’, it transforms any nearby slot into wild symbols. This means it helps you even further into making the most out of your luck! It is these abundant bonus features which make Fortuna’s Fruits stand out above your average classic fruits slots game.

Rewarding Her Disciples

These days, unfortunately, most slots offer just a handful of pay-lines and nothing more. This is the reason why the optimum pay-line ratio has gone from 0.15 to 0.20. not long ago. This is what makes the Goddess Fortuna so generous, besides beautiful. This game allows players as many as 50 pay-lines over five reels (4 rows each). This ensures the player that they will steadily land up good combos, no matter how unlucky they may be at the moment. Here is where you can pray to Fortuna for some help, and you can bet she’ll deliver! You have surely already been familiarized with the fruity symbols of this game: plums, grapes, watermelons, oranges, lemons, and cherries. Then there’s also the BAR and Lucky 7. You certainly won’t be surprised to learn that the biggest paying symbol is also the largest: the tasty watermelon! 5 of these on any reel will generously grant you 100 coins. Then there’s the symbol of Lady Fortuna herself, a striking, blond woman. 5-on-5 sort of combos means she’ll be dishing out 500 coins. And if you’re not satisfied with a 100 or even 500, you already know where the big bucks lie – in the special symbols, which we’ve already discussed! But hold your horses, as there is also the jackpot that needs mentioning – an average one equals 6000 coins! The player can wager 1 coin per line, but this can be valued anywhere ranging from 1 cent to 10 dollars. So, for example, a stake of $500 may very well win you a jackpot of up to $60,000! Worth the spin, wouldn’t you agree?

Rewarding Her Disciples

Abundance Aplenty

We understand there are those of you who are simply tired of the ‘same old, same old’when it comes to fruity slot machines. And it’s not like anyone is forcing you to take a spin here. But, we guarantee that this particular retro-looking game offers more than sufficient payouts, and plenty of bonuses too! Who knows, it might just change the way you feel about the classic slots.

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