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Floridita Fandango

28.12.2017 14:58
Microgaming Floridita Fandango Complete Slot ReviewLet’s start off by stating that there is nothing wrong with going back to the very basics of gaming, at least from time to time. There’s no shaming in creating a slot in this modern age, which steadfastly refuses to embrace and incorporate any of the new features and elements which most other slots proudly offer. There are even those players who are rather fond of this type of classic, simple gameplay, as it their right.

However, having said all that, we really feel obliged to mention that Microgaming has really “outdone” themselves this time around, by creating an online video slot which is even more basic and simple than their other basic and simple slots – we are referring to the ones which offer 3 reels and a single pay-line.

With such a fun title “Floridita Fandango”, you would think that it’s bursting with exciting surprises and whatnot, but sadly, in this case, you’d be totally wrong. Still, not to sound overly critical towards it, let’s take a look at what this online Microgaming slot has to offer, shall we?

Gameplay and Symbols

While the design is not all that bad, per se, this slot certainly can’t boast with any particularly flashy graphics or entertaining animations, and we feel the theme has not been used up as well as it could have. But then again, we shouldn’t expect too much of a 3-reel, 1-pay-line slot, after all. And even by those standards, we know Microgaming is the type of software provider which can do far, far better.

The backdrop is rather nice to look at, though, with a pleasant sunset and a giant cocktail as the screen décor in this case, which make sure to give this slot a ‘tropical paradise’ theme. All fine and good, and it’s worth noting that they went a bit further with the theme itself by making sure the higher-value symbols are represented by Purple and Orange Cocktails.

We should inform you that it is the Orange Cocktail which is the highest-paying one, offering up the biggest win prize of 2500x that of your bet. Naturally, there are some lower-paying, standard symbols as well, and, non-surprisingly, they include Cherries and BAR Symbols.

The reels themselves are located at the top left-hand corner of your screen, just above the giant Orange Drink, while the pay table is located on the right-hand side of the screen. A simple design, which is not so bad, since there aren’t really any players out there who wish to break a sweat fumbling with the reels and pay tables and whatnot (at least, we’ve never met any).

Gameplay and Symbols

How it All Works

We doubt you’d be shocked to learn that you have limited options when it comes to playing this game. To put it as basically as possible (which is not that hard, in this case), all you need to do is load it up and then proceed by pressing the ‘spin’ button, all in the hopes of landing a win, of course. The good news is that even one single Cherry Symbol will get you double your stake.

Of course, if you do want to make certain changes, you can, as there are 3 different bet levels which are offered. You simply choose your stake, and decide whether you wish to play with double, or even triple that amount. And, as you can also see from the pay table, your potential wins are proportional to your stake.

The minimum bet per spin here is £0.25, while the maximum one per spin amounts to £15.00. As for the Jackpot, we already mentioned it is 2500x that of your bet. The coin sizes range from 0,25 – 5, and number of coins per line ranges from 1-3. You even get an Autoplay option if you choose the Expert Mode, which lets you relax while those reels spin automatically for the number of times you decide upon!


Nothing fancy or incredible, we’ll admit, but even this simple Microgaming slot has something to offer, and that is some pretty decent payouts for the lucky player. If you think you could be that lucky player, then give it a spin on one of our top-rated online casinos. Best of luck!

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