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24.11.2017 18:10
Yggdrasil: Jokerizer Slots Complete Slot ReviewThis slot is yet another beautiful, 3D video slot in the collection of Yggdrasil Gaming. It features your classic 5 reels and 10 pay-lines. Which makes its gameplay simple yet fun, and suited for even the rookies trying out their luck and learning the ropes. The stunning graphics coupled with the simplistic reel-spinning make up for the lack of Free Spins, or the fact that this is a non-progressive slot. It also offers plenty of bonuses, with its main character being, non-surprisingly, the Joker! We’ll discuss the bonuses in more detail further below, but one plus we will mention right now is that you can enjoy this slot via Windows, Mac, or you mobile!

No Joking Around

Well, maybe a little, in this particular case. But certainly not when it comes to the payouts! You can imagine why the symbols of this slot are based on a deck of Playing Cards. This means you’d be looking at Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces. But where would we be without our dear Joker, which can cause a significant boost in your winnings!

This game also features a few of the classic symbols anyone would associate with casino slots, such as Fruits, Stars, Diamonds and similar. The vibrant palette of colors (greens, purples, blues and other bright shades) goes perfectly with the intriguing, albeit slightly intrusive music. You can always switch it off.

And, just like all the other slot games Yggdrasil offers, this one also comes with an Autospin option. This option allows the player to make automatic spins ranging from 20 to 1000! You can even opt for the infinity option and let those reels keep on spinning while you go about your daily business. In this case, any wins you gain will be automatically and instantly transferred to your account. It’s a super-nifty option for all those of you who simply don’t have the time to sit and spin the reels yourselves.

Funny Features

If you get 3 Jokers on your reels, you will be offered a Mystery Win. The Joker can appear solely on the reels 2, 3, and 4. And if they end up aligned horizontally or diagonally, you’ll be looking at 6000 coins! Moreover, if these Jokers appear Scattered across your reels, your reward will be a single payout amounting between 1000 and 6000 coins.

Funny Features

What’s even better is that any win of yours will automatically activate the Jokerizer Mode. You have the choice between playing or passing up this optional game. If you, as the player, choose to pass, then all your winnings will be instantly transferred to your account.

On the other hand, if you decide to enter this Jokerizer Mode, you should know that you would be parting with 20 coins a spin. If, during this mode, you get 2 Jokers anywhere on your reels, your reward will amount anywhere between 20 to 6000 coins.

This special mode will end if you end up with a Mystery Win of 1000 coins or more. You also have the choice to end it yourself, by hitting the collect button. So basically, the question here is:  are you in a gambling mood or not? We can assure any of you high-rollers out there that you’ll absolutely adore this Jokerizer Mode!
Finally, the coin values in this slot range from as little as 0.01 to 2.00. The highest win you can hope for here is, like we said, 6000 coins. 5 of the pay-lines pay from left to right, and the other 5 pay from right to left. Which helps to even out the odds and make this slot’s gameplay even more exciting!

Give it a Silly Spin

Whether you’re a fan of Jokers, or Playing Card-themes in general, you may just want to give this video slot by Yggdrasil a spin or two. With more than enough bonus features and an Autospin option, this fast-paced, simplistic gameplay will suit many players’ tastes. If you happen to fall in this category of players, you can try it out on one of our top-rated online casinos. Maybe the Joker has been your favorite playing card symbol all this time, and you just didn’t know it! Wink Wink!

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