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Power Plant

22.11.2017 15:37
Yggdrasil: Power Plant Slots Complete Slot ReviewThe great thing about Yggdrasil and their slots is that any player, whether a newbie or an experienced one, can enjoy their slots, and “Power Plant” is no exception to this. The reasons for this are many: the excellent graphics, the cool soundtracks, the fun, creative themes, the large winning possibilities, and so on. Another plus these slots offer is that you can play them no matter where you are via your favorite mobile gadgets!

Power On!

The matrix here is definitely larger than what most players are used to – 8 x 5, to be exact. And believe us, this small change in rows makes quite the difference. In fact, one might expect to see cascading reels in such a case, and yet, there are none. Instead, you get spinning symbols. And in the instance of a winning line, there will be a line of electricity connecting all of them, which helps to highlight the player’s success. It’s certainly unique in that sense, or at least, we’ve never seen something like this. Not from other slots, and not even from Yggdrasil’s other slots either. So, there’s your new experience, and what’s more, something which makes the design and images pop is the attention to detail. In all honesty, it makes the player feel like they’ve been transported inside one of the fanciest-looking powerplants in the world. It sounds kind of weird when we put it like that, we know, but it’s the truth and further proof of a successfully-made slot. And for such a low variance slot, 82 win-lines are certainly a marvel to behold! Not that there haven’t been this many before with other slots, much more in fact, but being presented with so many possibilities is still a pleasant surprise for us. Having said that, this much ‘playing room’ can be a curse, just as much as a blessing. Read on to find out why.

Quite the Number

The thing is since there are many more places for the wins to land, the player would be inclined to believe that their luck should also increase. Well, they’d be wrong. It is precisely due to this increased room that players are finding it harder to line up the wins. So, you should keep this in mind when you’re trying to unlock the 4 Features, as it may prove quite the task for any player. Now, before you even start playing, the first thing you need to do is set your bets. The coin size ranges from 0.005 to 5, which is rather uncommon, we must say. The jackpot, on the other hand, amounts to 200 coins. The player also has an Autospin option to settle back, relax, and allow the reels to spin for themselves for as long as the player wishes. Simply choose the number of times beforehand. Immediately above the “Spin” option, you will see “Realm”, and you need this for choosing the realm you play in. The Wild here is represented by the Yellow W and appears Stacked on your reels. As per usual, it can substitute for all the other symbols in this slot. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to land any Full Stack on your reels, you will be awarded a Re-Spin. Full Stack means that the Wilds need to land on all eight fields on any reel. The Re-Spin Feature is dependent upon the number of Wilds Stacks the player lands. There are 2-4 Features which will be selected randomly. For landing 1 Stack you get 2 Features, 2 Stacks equals 3 Features, and 3 Stacks or more gets you 4 Features. With the Sticky Wilds Stacks and the selected Features activated, you will also gain 1 Re-Spin. As you can see, there are abundant opportunities.

Quite the Number

Interesting Inspiration

Congratulations to Yggdrasil for managing to find something fun in a power plant. They’ve managed to create this uniquely-themed slot and offer up some decent winnings in the process. And the bigger your contribution, the more chances of winning big. This is why high-rollers will particularly enjoy such a slot. So chill back and give it a try on one of our top-rated online casinos. Who knows, this might just be your lucky day!

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