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21.11.2017 23:23
Yggdrasil: Doubles Slots Complete Slot ReviewSeeing double? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re supposed to see that way when it comes to this particular slot from Yggdrasil, accordingly named “Doubles”. What truly sets it apart from any other slot out there, is that players can spin up to ten matching symbols on the adjacent reels (meaning, doubles on all 5 reels). We’re sure we don’t need to point out how absolutely magnificent the rewards are in this case. Even though it initially looks like something you’ve seen before, the contemporary edge, coupled with the electronic soundtrack, is definitely a breath of fresh air! What’s more, you can play this slot anywhere you go, via your preferred mobile device! But trust us, that’s the least of the reasons you should be happy you stumbled upon this specific slot…

Double the Profit

This theme is, albeit loosely, based on the old-school slot games found in clubs and pubs. The main symbols used in such classic slots were, no surprise, fruits. Which means you can expect plenty of juicy symbols here too: Oranges, Lemons, Melons, and Cherries. Though they certainly don’t look like retro symbols in the least, as Yggdrasil has taken the liberty of giving them a makeover! But they're far from the highest-paying symbols, are there are still Diamonds, 7s, Horseshoes, and Stars to look forward to. The Regular Symbols pay up for matching from 3 up to 10 of them on active pay-lines. They pay out if they fall adjacent on any relevant pay-line from left to right. That is, except for the Free Spins Symbol. It will pay out, regardless of where it is scattered on the reels, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The player will solely be paid out for the longest winning combo per spin, rather than any multiple wins. And like we said, while your average slot lets you spin 5 adjacent symbols at most, this slot doubles your winning opportunities. Needless to say, the payouts in such an incredibly lucky circumstance are more than a little lucrative. They can range from 1000 for matching 10 of the lowest-paying symbols, the Cherries, to 25,000 for matching 10 of the highest paying symbols, the Diamonds!

Double the Fun

Apparently, Yggdrasil thought that giving you double of what you’re usually used to just wasn’t enough. It turns out there is also a Free Spins Bonus Round! Three or more of these Free Spins will trigger this Extra Feature. In which, the player can choose any of the regular symbols in order to convert all the spun matching symbols into doubles! So, the question is: are you ambitious and daring enough to risk the chance to double up on those elusive, yet ever-so-sought-after Diamonds? Or maybe you’d like to play on the safe side, after all, and opt for the fruity Symbols instead. It’s your choice, either way. Furthermore, these Free Spins can even be re-triggered through the Free Spin Symbol. Also, the amount of Free Spins the player originally gains is dependent upon just how many Freebie Symbols you’ve spun, to begin with. Let us demonstrate for you: 3 Free Spin Symbols equal 10 Free Spins. 4 Free Spin Symbols equal 20 Free Spins, and logically, 5 Free Spin Symbols equal 40 Free Spins. Simple, right? Yet oh-so-very rewarding… Another thing this typical 5 x 3 reel grid slot offers are pretty flexible staking options. The coin values can be altered starting from 0,01 to 2,00. This makes the minimum bet per spin a measly 0,25p, and the maximum one per spin - £40. This means no player, no matter their budget or strategy, needs to be excluded from playing this fun slot!

Double the Fun

Twice the Worth

While offering just one Bonus Round may seem like a downside for some players, their disappointment will not last long, what with so many Free Spins up for grabs! To sum up, Yggdrasil has once again proven why it is considered one of the most innovative slot makers out there. We can only say, it has certainly defended its title with this “Doubles” online slot. So, regardless of whether you happen to be a rookie or a seasoned player, we see no reason why you wouldn’t give this slot a spin at one of our top-rated online casinos. This is probably the only instance where you will keep on wanting to see double!

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