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Diamond Monkey

21.11.2017 19:06
If you’re a seasoned player, you may have noticed that mythology-themed slots are really common nowadays. This is probably due to big-ticket developers, who have started paying more attention these last 5 years to the wishes of fans. Though admittedly, these kinds of slot games force the player to concentrate way too much on the storyline and characters and not enough on what they truly want – some big wins! Perhaps Amatic has sensed this, and decided to develop an online slot game, “Diamond Monkey”. This is an improvement because it is both a classic video slot and a mythological slot. Such a rare combination makes sure to keep things light and casual, which means letting players have fun without any unnecessary complications. The consistent shower of bounty and coins is certainly not something to turn your head from, either! And while there are many players out there who want serious slots rich in features and graphics, there are also those who desire some entertainment mixed in! A slot of this nature, instead of picking at their brains, lets them stay casual and have fun in the process. Having said that, it doesn’t really offer much when it comes to graphics. However, it makes up for it with the catchy and funny soundtrack, which is a plus for the overall gameplay experience. Another plus this game has to offer is that one doesn’t have to fear to lose the progress, as it can be continued across various devices! This is thanks to the fact that it is totally HTML5-enabled. Which means the choices are yours on whether you want to relax and play at home on your laptop, or any other mobile device while you’re out and about!

Amatic: Diamond Monkey Slot Complete Slot Review

Monkey See, Monkey Play

Let’s take a look at the game itself. There’re five reels of 3 rows each, and as the player hits the activator, these reels enter a crazy spin! They will rest only once the allotted time has run out, or if the player chooses to hit the STOP button. As the reels come to a halt, the symbols which will appear on the screen will decide just how lucky you are today. Furthermore, there are fifty static pay-lines which you can activate with coins (which cost as little as 1 cent!). One of the greatest indicators of the slot’s win potential, the reel to pay-line ratio, is 0,1 in this case. Believe us, this is an excellent number to have at your disposal. We know what we are saying, as we’ve witnessed first-hand how combinations that can easily counter your wagers are consistently and seamlessly struck. A fair game if we ever saw one! In other words, even though this game centers around the Indian mythical monkey god Hanuman, it is certainly no ‘monkey business’! This famous Indian deity will decide the fate of your fortune, and only through him shall you be able to attain glorious jackpots. This obviously Indian-themed slot game has plenty of symbols which allude to the culture of this subcontinent. This includes elephants, gems of various colors, gold chests, royal palaces, etc. The royal palace happens to be the highest-paying regular symbol. It can grant you 500 coins for 5-of-its-kind combos. As for the jackpot symbol, that would be the shiny and grandiose diamond. 3, 4, or 5 of its kind can grant you a reward of 60, 300, and 1000 coins, respectively. The wild symbol here is none other than his magnificence, the monkey God Hanuman himself. He can substitute for and replace any regular symbol. And irrespective of how many times he chooses to honor you with his appearance, it usually pays out 50 coins. With each Hanuman symbols, the player also collects a free red gemstone. And if you manage to collect 25 of these gemstones in the given session, you will marvel at the surprise treat – a shower of free credits and coins!

Silly Slots? We Think Not

To put it briefly, the pros of this game are generous payouts and easy gameplay. The cons are an absence of Scatters and Bonus rounds. Still, no slot game is perfect, right? So, feel free to ‘monkey around’ and win some godly cash in this Amatic online slot game @ one of our top-rated online casinos listed just below the info chart for your convenience.

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