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Secrets of Christmas

10.08.2017 18:37

As the New Year and Christmas festivities approach, online slot developers like to excite us with new video slots. Recently, the NetEnt developers came up with “the Secrets of Christmas’ game, lighting up the holidays. There are a lot of Christmas themed games in the world of video slots today. However, none of these has reached the heights of popularity enjoyed by ‘Secrets of Christmas. The game contains stacks of snow reels, toys, playing cards resembling garlands, bells, and gingerbread houses. All these help in creating a predictable thematic image of this new video slot. The game’s developers have done quite an excellent job in making all these symbols seem more Christmassy than what we previously knew! The video slot could quickly become one of the most definitive Christmas themed video slots.

About The Developers

NetEnt is among the three leading and largest online slot developers in the world nowadays. While many of these slots have innovative and original features and themes, this new video slot is more basic in what it provides. All it does is take a loved item and use it to achieve its goals and objectives.
For example, the company knows how much the use of music impacts on any online slot. Therefore, the casino and its online website partners use a lot of Christmas ditties into the making of this exciting game!

How to Play

NetEnt is unique in how it expects users to play its games. When it comes to the ‘secrets of Christmas’ video slot, the company does not allow players to fix their pay lines in the online slot. Instead, these are with a maximum number of 25 across all the game’s five reels! In this case, it is easier to alter all your coins values, and total coins you bet on every active line. Players spend close to 0.25 Euros on this video slot. Besides, this is perfect for those online slot players already struggling with expensive bills during the festive period.

How to Play


The following are some of the perks that come with the ‘Secrets of Christmas’ video slot:
  • Wild symbols - just as you cannot have a Christmas without the presence of Santa, you can’t have an online slot without featuring wilds. Interestingly, these two exist in this video slot replacing other ordinary paying symbols once they come up on the game’s reels.
  • Scatter symbols - these appear as a combination of several toys. Have you been naughty or nice throughout the year? Wondering if you’ll get a present from Santa this year? By playing the ‘Secrets of Christmas’ video slot, you can easily get yourself a present. All you have to do is land only 3 of these scatter symbols to the reels. Rewards here include free spins and scattered wins.
  • Bonus Round - once a bag of toys appears on your screen, you’ll be required to pick different presents from a typical living room setting. Some picks you collect depend on the total number of scatters found to activate the bonus feature. Each object offers either additional free spins, multipliers, two wild reels or two other wild symbols!
  • Free spins - when players have finally made their decision, the free spins feature starts. Here, players begin with ten free spins unless they won additional free games. The free spins are then played with any bonus acquired during the other bonus round.

Maximum Pay-Outs

It’s not clear how much one may win from playing the video slot. However, players can bag wins of close to 1250 coins of the selected value!

Gaming Interface

The secrets of Christmas online slot comes with a traditional system of control. The game supports several languages and has simple to operate user-friendly buttons in all languages. Keep in mind that before running any new spin, you first need to choose a specific betting amount. Here, the game allows you to make use of the special windows! You can also play the game automatically or manually. You can even trigger a free spin to hasten the gameplay. The rules provide the pay gaming table with description of bonuses, visual schemes, and other general points. The manual is present in a new tab, where all the features of the video slot are explained in more detail! The game’s user settings offer opportunities to choose the speed of the game, sound systems, the screen size and various options.


It’s clear that NetEnt provides us with quite a wonderful Christmas video slot. With features such as free spins and incredible bonuses, there couldn’t be a more exciting Christmas present. Besides, the game is an online slot, something which makes it easily accessible for all interested internet subscribers! You can play the game at the game’s producer’s website or in the online casino in partnership with NetEnt.

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