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22.07.2017 19:36

Into the mysterious depths and the coral kingdoms of the dark blue sea, lives the enchanting mermaid, princess Ariana. She lurks deep beneath the crystal blue waters, searching for a sunken treasure filled with gold and jewels, waiting for eager explorers to visit her kingdom and join her in the hunt. While Microgaming is widely known for their revolutionary game features as well as the state of the art graphics, they seem to have exceeded themselves with the mesmerizing audiovisual approach for the production of Ariana. If you fancy aquatically themed slot games, this one is made just for you. What sets Ariana apart from the rest blue water inspired slots, is that it’s not a typical nature-themed slot like we’ve witnessed in the past.  However, in spite of the sea life features, the real focus is on the actual story behind the princess of the sea.

Treasure Hunt

Ariana is a medium variance game, which means it won’t empty your pockets easily. Instead, you would usually experience a lot of small wins, and quite often.  The game was originally designed for chill players, who have small or medium size bankrolls. While the minimum bet per spin is €0.25, the maximum one tops out at €125 per spin. It’s a pretty decent slot for many people, but if you’re a high-roller, this is not the excitement you’ve been searching for. The slot features 5 reels with 3 rows and 25 fixed pay lines, thereby disabling the option to ‘disable’ or ‘enable’ them for that matter. You just have to choose the bet amounts you want to gamble on and simply spin away. Ultimately, you can kick back and watch the action unfold unceasingly by enabling the ‘autoplay’ option. While the standard sequence of symbols – A, K, Q, J & 10 represent the lower values of winning combinations, the higher value symbols are represented by the rest of the underwater denizens – the starfish, coral reefs, seaweed and the beautiful mermaid, Ariana. Additionally, there is a hidden treasure with jewels and pearls. The Ariana logo stands for the wild symbol which substitutes every symbol except for the scatter one, which is represented by the starfish that activates the main feature.

Under the Sea

This Microgaming slot binds together subtle gameplay features with a liquid smooth playing style to deliver a marvelously relaxing experience. The game is as calming to behold as it is effortless to play, and satisfies all the requirements of the laid-back players. The hazy purples & the pacifying blues, the silver ornate & pearly frames of the reels, as well as the disappearance of the fish into the gloomy distance of the underwater scene,  look so appealing, and the calm and soothing soundtrack will give you a feeling like you’re almost in some kind of a phantasmagorical dream. Superficially, when it comes to the performance and the technicalities of the game, there is really nothing to complain about. While some players find this slot entertaining and amusing, others find it exceptionally boring. Nonetheless, it offers numerous ways to win both small and big.

Under the Sea

Free Spins

This bonus feature is probably the most captivating aspect of Ariana, perhaps because it’s the direct railroad to the wealthy fortunes! To trigger the Free Spins feature, you need to land 3, 4 or 5 purple starfish (the scatter symbols) anywhere on the pay table. In return for your efforts, Ariana will generously award you with 15 fishy re-triggerable free spins. The values for winning payouts on the pay table vary, according to your current bet amount that you’re gambling on. In general, winning hands usually range from 10 times your wager to 100 times your wager. However, the biggest award yet is a staggering 240 times the highest bet amount, which is the Free Spin feature equals to astronomic €30.000 in just one single spin, which is quite remarkable, isn’t it?

Stacked Symbols

If you succeed to land a stack of matching symbols of higher values on the first reel of this slot, you will trigger a chain reaction which in turn expands all of the remaining matching symbols in view, to round off their respective reels. During these spins, the stack of matching symbols on reel one remains active, but will additionally expand to complete its respective reel should a wild symbol appear on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel on the pay table. As u can imagine, this extra lucrative feature can really produce some lovely combinations and hopefully wind up many handsome rewards for you. Moreover, not only does the game have the potential to make up for the lack of a winning multiplier, but it will also have Ariana herself making huge splashes of big wins and dancing around your treasures gracefully.

Final Thoughts

Just like every other slot game, Ariana has its’ pros and cons that might or might not be attractive to you as a player. On one hand, it offers mesmerizing HD graphics and a stunningly smooth gameplay, but on the other hand, the bonus rounds are not so incredible. As I mentioned before, this high betting limit slot and the anti-adrenalin environment will kick the high rollers out in an instant but will welcome players will lower bankrolls at any time. In order to win big, you have to play big, and Ariana provides the exact opposite.
Overall, the hypnotizing blue hues of the slot offer a very pleasant way to spend some time with while you’re plopped on the couch on a lazy afternoon. Take a deep breath of fresh sea air and relax without any distractions when giving a few spins to find out where exactly you stand on the Microgaming slots. Best of luck gambling, players!
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