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A lot of people opt for card-based deposition methods of payment because they are very simple to understand, and you can easily learn how to use them at a casino. Today we are taking a look at one of such popular methods - prepaid cards. Straightforward, secure, with minimal to zero fees, there are many reasons why people love this payment option so a lot of online casinos accept prepaid cards.

Let’s find out more about these casinos, as well as everything about prepaid cards, so you could determine if this method will be right for you!

Best Online Casinos Accepting Prepaid Cards in 2022

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How to Play in a Casino for Real Money Using Prepaid Cards


Register for a Prepaid Cards Account

Unlike some other common online payment methods, you don’t need to create an account if you want to make deposits with prepaid cards. Instead, you just need to purchase a prepaid card, which you can easily do online or even at your local stores and then charge that card with money.

Choose a Casino and Make a Deposit

Once you’ve added money to a card it is time to visit a casino that accepts prepaid cards. When you’ve created your account, you need to charge it: go to the Banking section of your casino, and choose the “Prepaid card” deposit method. Confirm the transaction and you’re set!

Play and Win

Then just play whatever online slot you want, and once you’ve won a certain amount it’s time to go to the last step and withdraw!

Withdraw your Winnings

But sadly, one of the major drawbacks of prepaid cards is that they do not allow you to withdraw from the casino. Thus, to get your winnings, you will need to opt for another withdrawal method, like a credit/debit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, or even crypto.

General Information about Prepaid Cards

These are often referred to as “stored-value cards” or “pay-as-you-go” and they are incredibly easy to use. You just purchase a card (online, from a retail store or, preferably, from a bank) and then just charge that card with money and use it to make purchases: it’s that simple and convenient.

However, simplicity is not the only thing why gamblers opt for this casino payment method, because there are a lot of other great things about prepaid cards. For one, it allows you to control your spending and irrational gambling impulses, because once you’ve run out of your money - the card is essentially useless, and will be until you charge it with money again. Moreover, oftentimes you cannot deposit a lot of money, as prepaid cards have their limit - the exact one depends on the type of the card. And yes, there are several prepaid card types, namely:

  • Closed-loop prepaid cards - that usually come in the form of gift cards and are meant for single use
  • Open-loop prepaid cards - the most popular and common ones that allow you to use them until the expiration date
  • Reloadable prepaid cards - ones that you can again charge with money once you’ve run out
  • Non-reloadable prepaid card - the cards that you can only use until you ran out of money, then you can no longer recharge it

What’s also important to note is that you may or may not have any transaction fees - it all depends on the card and the seller. Plus, you have available customer service, but it again depends on where you got a card. Still, this method is not without its drawbacks, namely, with prepaid cards you can’t withdraw from a casino.

How Can I Make Deposits and Withdrawals using Prepaid Cards

So, you have a slot that you want to play (or you just want to browse the available ones), and have selected your prepaid card casino, what to do next? Then you need to make a deposit and charge your account, and then withdraw that cash when you’ve won!

How do I deposit using Prepaid Cards?

In order to deposit on a casino with a prepaid card you first need to get one. This is very simple as they can be ordered online or you can even purchase them at a retail store. Then you need to charge that card with cash, after which you can visit your prepaid card casino to make a deposit.

Once you’ve entered your casino you need to go to the Banking section:

1. Select your deposit method to “Prepaid Card” and input the amount you wish to deposit.
How do I deposit using Prepaid Cards - step 1

2. You will also be asked to confirm your personal data: security code, card number etc, before the transaction.
How do I deposit using Prepaid Cards - step 2

When you confirm it all, the transaction is complete!

How do I withdraw using Prepaid Cards?

Unfortunately, prepaid cards do not allow you to withdraw funds so you will have to resort to another withdrawal method to get your cash.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Prepaid Cards

Any online casino payment method comes with its own specific set of advantages and disadvantages. So when we are talking about Prepaid cards, what those are?
They are very convenient and simple to use
A lot of online casinos accept prepaid cards
Can control how much you spend, and can never go over the sum on card
Prepaid cards are very safe as you don’t share your personal data
You cannot withdraw from the casino with prepaid cards
Sometimes the casinos do not offer bonuses for prepaid cards
A lot of prepaid cards have limits of deposit (usually no more than €15,000)
Often need to keep track of how much money is left & charge card if necessary

Comparing Prepaid Cards With Other Payment Options

Despite the aforementioned cons, prepaid cards remain one of the favourite casino payment options, just like debit and credit cards. However, the biggest difference between debit/credit and prepaid cards is that the latter is more convenient, as you don’t need to get involved with banks and give your personal information to get a card.

You can simply purchase it and start using it right away after you’ve changed it. Moreover, some prepaid cards may have no fees whatsoever, while debit/credit cards may require you to pay for transactions and monthly maintenance fees.

If you compare prepaid cards with another popular casino payment method - Crypto, you will see that while Crypto wallets do provide very good anonymity and security, as well as sometimes faster transactions, not only is this a still relatively new payment system, but it is also more complicated, unavailable to everyone and not every casino still accepts cryptocurrencies. Not to mention, crypto still remains a somewhat volatile currency.

Payment method Minimum deposit Payment time Withdrawal limits Commission
Prepaid Cards Set by the bank Set by the bank Set by the bank Set by the bank
PaySafeCard €5 0–24 hours Set by the bank Set by the bank
Paypal €5 3–5 business days  €7,500 Set by the bank
Mastercard €5 0–72 hours Set by the bank Free of charge
Instadebit €20 3-5 business days €45,000 Free of charge

Overall Experience

With all that said, we think that a prepaid card is a perfect casino payment method, that would be especially appealing to casual players or new ones, that may still feel a bit uncomfortable with something more complex like electronic or crypto wallets. This payment option is straightforward, available in a lot of casinos, and allows you to have better control over how much money you want to spend. The only real downsides to this method that we found are that you will have to opt for an additional withdrawal method and that some prepaid card casinos may not have available bonuses for this payment method.

Expert Opinion

You need to know the most useful and helpful information, and I do my best to bring it to you. For that, I use not only many years of my experience working in the field, but also go on deep into research, to create this article. It is then checked by our team of experts, that make sure that everything is factually correct.
Updated: 22.07.2022


Are there any fees for using Prepaid Cards?
Oftentimes there are no fees for making a deposit with prepaid cards, however since there are a lot of types of these cards, sometimes the one you get may include some additional fees, for instance for maintenance, foreign transaction, card-to-card transfer fees, and yes, even for a deposit. So before you get a prepaid card you need to learn details about the fees directly from the seller.
What are the limits for using Prepaid Cards?
A lot of prepaid cards have a set limit on the money you can deposit. This limit depends on the type of prepaid card that you have, however usually you cannot charge it for more than €15,000.
Are Prepaid Cards Safe?
Prepaid cards are generally pretty secure since you don’t have to give a lot of personal information to use them. However, keep in mind that you also need to remember basic safety rules, and must never share your prepaid card info, like the number and especially the security code, with anyone!

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