Endemol Shine Gaming Review

Endemol Shine Gaming Review review

In this Endemol Shine Gaming review, we’re going to look at content brought to us by Endemol Games. We’ll check out the leap by Endemol games from TV into gaming, their mobile gaming platform, the company’s history, and how they plan to upgrade their games in the future.

If you’re a fan of popular TV and exciting casino games, keep on reading.

Best slots by Endemol Shine Gaming

Endemol Shine Gaming Review

Endemol was founded back in 1994 and formed as a result of a merger between two well-known television production companies. The company aimed to bring entertaining television content, primarily game shows, to the masses with their extended scope. What set Endemol apart was the fact that they created formatted TV content that could be adapted to the countries the company was releasing to.

It didn’t take long for Endemol programs to become huge hits. Shows like Wipeout, Big Brother, The Money Drop, Deal or No Deal, and Fear Factor became well known around the globe, spawning new versions in different languages across a multitude of countries.

The company’s quick growth and the interest shown by fans prompted them to get into the gaming scene by adapting many of their popular TV shows into real money games. Just like the shows themselves, the branded games got a lot of attention right from the get-go, making Endemol Shine Gaming a reality that had a bright future ahead.

As Endemol grew, it underwent some changes. The company had a bit of a rebranding in 2014, changing its name to Endemol Shine Group, with the Endemol Shine Gaming subsidiary becoming Endemol Shine Gaming. With more popularity and resources than ever, Endemol keeps making strides to take Endemol Shine Games to the next level.

Advantages of Endemol Shine Gaming

  1. Branded content games        
  2. Creative and original ideas
  3. Mobile-friendly games 
Endemol Shine Gaming Review advantages


Does Endemol Shine Gaming only provide TV-based Games?
No. The Endemol Shine Gaming collection is varied. While a lot of their games take inspiration from their endless repertoire of Endemol TV shows, they provide lots of classic casino games and slots that aren’t related to their branded content.
What are some popular Endemol shows?
Endemol has released some very popular series over the years. Some of their best performing shows include Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Hunted, Fear Factor, 1 vs. 100, and a slew of others you might have heard of.
Can I Play Endemol Shine Gaming Slots for Free?
Yes. The majority of Endemol Shine Gaming slots have the option to be played for free. You can find many of them on the web in different online casinos. Keep in mind that some casino operators might require you to have a registered account with the casino to try out the games for free.

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Best Slots

Endemol Shine Gaming Game Selection

Those who aren’t familiar with Endemol Shine Gaming might be surprised to hear that some of their favorite TV shows may have come to life a result of their existence! Endemol is a subsidiary of the larger Endemol production company which took the world by storm thanks to creating insanely popular shows such as Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, and Wipeout.

The main reason for the creation of Endemol was to provide fans with the opportunity to enjoy Endemol produced content in a different form. With gaming quickly turning into one of the world’s most enjoyed hobbies, Endemol started dishing out Endemol video games based on their popular shows.

What truly made Endemol’s game stand out wasn’t just the fact that there was already a wide audience for them, but the opportunity to potentially make big wins by playing them. Just like contestants would on their TV show counterparts! This introduced Endemol Shine Gaming to the world of iGaming where they managed to expand their operations all the while giving the people what they want.

As their bread and butter, games based on Endemol Game Shows are their top contenders. The software these games use is always top-notch as to better simulate the show they’re inspired by. This usually means using sounds, visuals cues, high-quality graphics, and even contestants from their TV show counterparts in the virtual world to create a more immersive gaming experience.

Another thing that sets Endemol apart from other game developers is that they target particular areas. These shows often have local versions in different countries which is why players may run into different alterations of these games that offer different language options, feature different characters, and even have varying gameplay.

If you’re a big fan of reality TV shows and want to give some of the exciting Endemol Casino Games a try, here’s a popular Endemol Shine Gaming list you can sift through:

  • Deal or No Deal Roulette
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • UFC
  • Wrath of Gods
  • Deal or No Deal International
  • Throne of Osiris
  • Hulkamania
  • Popping Potions

These are just a few of the many popular titles Endemol Shine Gaming currently has released. In total, the company has over 50 games that players can run into in online casinos that mostly feature the game show thematic and a few that sprinkle in some original and creative ideas if you’re looking for a bit of break from what they usually have to offer. 

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Reliability and Awards

9.6 10

Having trust in the games they’re playing is one of the most important things for casino fans. Luckily, while a lot of Endemol TV shows are chock-full of drama and deceit, the company itself has a different reputation. Fans and players have nothing but good things to say about Endemol and the services they provide. This can be verified through the many user reviews of Endemol games that are currently populating online casinos.

Endemol Games are always on the road to improvement, so players have faith that the company has their best interest at heart. The games they release are regularly updated if necessary and the company puts players first by listening to their suggestions and meeting their expectations.

Endemol doesn’t have the most extensive gaming repertoire, but it does have quite a long list of achievements for their TV programming. In 2017, Endemol’s gripping Black Mirror Series was nominated for “TV Moment of the Year” in the Diversity in Media Awards for the episode “San Junipero”. The same year, Tiger Aspect Productions, a subsidiary of Endemol was nominated for “Production Company of the Year” at the same ceremony! 

  • Diversity in Media Awards Nominee: TV Moment of the Year – Black Mirror (San Junipero)
  • Diversity in Media Awards Nominee: Production Company of the Year - Tiger Aspect Productions
Endemol has received countless nominations and wins throughout the years for many of their TV programs. This easily translates to their games, as fans can certainly appreciate the high-quality content of their shows that makes its way into the majority of Endemol games.

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage Endemol Shine Gaming have over their competition is, of course, the branded content that makes up their games. Unlike most game providers out there, Endemol has access to content that is already widely popular and can be adapted for the world of gaming and iGaming. Endemol also isn’t afraid to be creative and come up with original game ideas which is always a plus.

One current con that Endemol Shine Gaming has is the lack of games in its repertoire. While 50 games and counting isn’t exactly a small number, a lot of the competition has massive collections of hundreds of varied games they can boast about.



  • Branded content games        
  • Creative and original ideas
  • Mobile-friendly games
  • Limited game selection



The Future of Endemol Shine Gaming

Endemol Shine Gaming has a lot of interesting plans for what’s to come. As mentioned before, some of the most anticipated upcoming releases by Endemol are their mobile games. Their collaboration with EA is sure to bring fans some excellent quality titles with a ton of new and exciting features.

Another thing Endemol is working on is expanding both their slot repertoire and reach in online casinos. There’s not a lot of information out there about what we can expect on this front from Endemol Shine Gaming but we know that the provider is working on creating new releases and getting them into as many casinos as possible.

Endemol Shine Gaming Mobile

Endemol Shine Gaming use a software that makes their Endemol slot games easy to access through a browser. This means that, if you're on a PC or a mobile device, you can use flash to start their games and play them right away! The good thing about this is that you won’t need any additional downloads that can often take up a lot of time.

There’s more good news for Endemol fans. The company is working hard on providing players with a mobile gaming platform that’s of the highest quality. For this reason, they’ve teamed up with EA who are planning to turn your favorite Endemol game into a classic mobile video game!

Having dedicated video game apps for these games can help make the experience more immersive and give the company more room to add better quality gameplay elements. With mobile gaming becoming more and more popular by the day, this seems like the right route to take at the moment. The platform is still in the works but should be launching quite soon.


Endemol Shine Gaming are the perfect companion to anyone that can’t get enough of quality TV. Their branded games based on popular TV shows manage to capture the essence of what makes these shows great and translate them into a new form of entertainment. Fans of classic slots can also find a lot to enjoy from Endemol.

While branded games might be Endemol’ top performers, the provider also dishes out more toned down games that capture the real casino feel. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a reality TV fanatic looking to have some fun, or a casino fan wanting to score a jackpot, Endemol Shine Gaming has something for everyone.

Endemol Shine Gaming review
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20 Average lines of slots
8.4 Total rating
95.6 Average RTP
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