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Jungle Books

12.12.2017 11:06
Yggdrasil: Jungle Books Slot Machine Complete Slot ReviewWe don’t think there’s anyone among you who hasn’t at least heard of the “Jungle Book”, which was made into an animation film by Disney way back, and the original was written by Rudyard Kipling. Well, it would seem that Yggdrasil Gaming have been strongly influenced by this, and even though they don’t dare call the characters by their real names, simply choosing to go with bear, boy, snake, tiger and panther…they’re not fooling anyone.

Far be it from us to criticize, as we actually quite like these new designs, which breathe a special kind of life into Yggdrasil’s “Jungle Books” game. Why the plural? You’ll see soon enough! Before we begin with the crazy-complicated gameplay (we shall try to simplify it as much as we can), we should mention that this online slot can be played from any of your mobile gadgets! Which means you can enter the jungle from the safety of your own home!

How Many Realms?!

If you’ve ever played the game “Seasons”, also by Yggdrasil, then you are familiar with the concept of multiple realms, each with their own Wild Symbol. This here is quite similar, only it’s even better! Each of the 5 characters has their own Realm, and in each of these 5 Realms, the hosts offer you 2 Bonus Features.

For instance, the “Tiger” gives the player 1 Free Sticky Re-Spin on a Win, as well as Stacked Wilds. And from time to time, you end up with some of the other characters, which offer 1 of their own Special Features on your reels. As you can guess, these 5 characters chance and swap on a constant basis, which means never a dull moment for you! After all, it’s practically like you’re playing five different games at once, with as many as 45 different possible Bonus Game Combinations!

We should mention what the other characters offer, to be fair: the “Boy” offers adjacent reels (which become synced to give the player the same Symbol results) + Spreading Wilds. The “Bear” offers an instant cash Honeycomb Bonus Symbol + 1 chosen Symbol on each spin will become Stacked. The “Panther” offers the highest-paid Symbol acting as a secondary Wild + 1 Random Multiplier of either 2x, 3x, or 5x on a win. When it comes to the “Snake”, the player can win both ways + all the Wilds appear with a 3x Multiplier.

How Many Realms

Out personal favorite is the Snake, but you can make up your own minds. You should also be aware that these Realms change randomly. They can last for only 10 spins at times, or even go up to 100, but not more than that. As for the pay-lines, they aren’t the same with all Realms, since each has different reel configurations. In the Realms of the “Tiger, Bear, and Boy” you get 58, while in the more lucrative Realms of the “Panther and Snake” – 68.

A word of caution, however: you may want to keep an eye on your wallet from time to time. One more minor thing that’s a bit of a bother is that this online slot can be rather slow at times, particularly when the “Bear” is alone on your screen.

The Next Generation of Slots is Here!

For those of you looking to keep things simple and to the point, this slot may not exactly suit your tastes. As for those of you who are tirelessly on the lookout for new Features and a complex gameplay overall, you’ve hit the jackpot to be sure! This goes especially for bonus game lovers. The true beauty of this 5-reel, 68-pay-line video slot, other than its spectacular graphics and fun soundtrack, is that it’s always a little bit different each time you play it, constantly changing and never allowing the player to become bored.

The coin values range from 0,1 – 2, while the minimum bet per spin is 0,50, and the maximum one per spin – 100. Do we even need to mention it has an Autospin option? It is a Yggdrasil slot, after all! Furthermore, all of the wonderful Bonus Features make up for the surprising lack of Free Spins.

Too Complicated? Nah!

Such a complex slot can truly be understood if you take a spin at it yourself. Don’t be frightened by its complexity though, as one soon gets the hang of it. You can see what we mean by giving it a chance on one of our top-rated online casinos. Choose your spirit animal (or human?) and embark on the adventure of your life!

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