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Lucky Twins

12.12.2017 17:05
Microgaming: Lucky Twins Slots Complete Slot ReviewYou may have heard of the old saying: all good things come in pairs. Well, whether that’s actually the case or not, Microgaming is certainly hoping to prove it is with its 5-reel, 9-pay-line slot, appropriately titled “Lucky Twins”. Let’s just say that this is yet another oriental-themed slot, with lucky Chinese Cats, stacks of Gold Coins, and tons of red-colored decorations. You may be hoping for double the wins in such a case, right? Well, it’s time you find out by reading on below. We can tell you one thing straight away – this slot is available as an Android and an iPhone app as well! Which means the luck of the twins can follow you everywhere you go!

Here’s the Gameplay

Like we mentioned, this is your typical 5 x 3 reel grid, with 9-pay-lines, instead of the more typical 20. Moreover, since the number of the pay-lines is fixed, all players have to play all 9 pay-lines each spin. In which case, the risk level strongly depends on the money which you choose to place at stake during each of your rounds. You should know this video slot accepts wagers from just 10p - £10 a spin. Which means that both high-rollers, as well as conservative players, can enjoy the possibilities.

As for the Symbols on your reels, they are, naturally, all about symbolizing prosperity and good luck in the oriental culture, specifically when it comes to Chinese culture. You’d be looking at Gold Nuggets, the fortune-bringing Meneki Neko (Cat), and even blazing Firecrackers! They were invented in China long ago, after all! The ones we just mentioned are the higher-paying symbols, while the lower-paying ones in this game are represented by the alphabet.

You better hope these symbols will line up on your pay-lines, as that would mean all the more potential cash for you! Any wins you unlock will light up in various colors, which means you can’t miss them even if you tried! From our experience, the regular wins here are around 5x-10x that of your wager. Don’t get your hopes up on too many wins, however, as in some instances there might not be any at all! Still, keep your chin up, as when these wins do occur they are usually sufficient to keep the player going for at least a few more Spins. You can even hope for the hefty Jackpot here, which amounts to 25,000 coins!

Here’s the Gameplay

And the Features?

You shouldn’t be surprised when we tell you that the main feature here are the Lucky Twins themselves (boy and a girl, dressed rather festively), which also represent the Wild Symbol! It appears rather often, and can substitute for all other symbols in order to complete potential winning pay-lines. Furthermore, it can appear anywhere on your screen – you may even be lucky enough to have 5 fo them in a single spin!

Let’s not forget the Scatter Symbol, which grants Free Spins: up to 10 at a time, to be exact. There are even Cash Multipliers which accompany these Free Spins! Having said that, the Free Spins themselves may be a little harder to come by. And while we’re feeling critical, we might as well say that this particular slot lacks both originality, as well as tasteful graphics. The soundtrack in the background isn’t exactly all that better either, as the Asian string and percussion instruments tend to get on one’s nerves fairly soon.

Still, despite the obvious lack of aesthetic quality or overall uniqueness, this is a well-built in game. We think it’s safe to say Microgaming has a fancy for oriental-themed slots. We just wish they’d come up with something new and more exiting in general.

Not Innovative At All, Grasshopper!

Its lack of bonus content as well as the other things we complained about makes this online slot far from ideal. And yet, keep in mind that this is just our 2 cents, and you don’t have to take our word for it. instead, you can find out if you like this game yourselves, by giving it a spin on one of our top-rated online casinos. Let those cute twins show you the way to your fortunes!

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