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Free RAW iGaming Slots - Demo Play, Games Review

Updated: 26.03.2024
Reviewed by Ella Houghton
Fact checked by Aleksandra Andrishak

Malta-based provider RAW iGaming has been around for a relatively short period of time, but there are already some really adorable things that this company has accomplished. From making several amazing mobile-friendly games to developing several innovative patents that bring players a whole new and exciting gaming experience.

Add in a good reputation and official registration, that conforms that RAW iGaming works fairly and can be trusted and you got yourself a really promising brand.

RAW iGaming Slots - Full List of Free Games

Release Date

RAW iGaming Slots

RAW iGaming Content

Here at Slotsjudge.com, we aim at providing the unbiased and most up-to-date content for our readers. In this topic we cover the following areas:

  1. Best Slots by RAW iGaming
  2. RAW iGaming Online Casinos
  3. RAW iGaming Mobile Slots
  4. Top 10 RAW iGaming Games
  5. RAW iGaming Slot Features
  6. Overall RAW iGaming Gaming Experience
  7. FAQ
RAW iGaming Slots

RAW iGaming was established in March of 2021, and for now, it has offices in its country of origin – Malta – and Spain. Slowly but surely, RAW iGaming has been making not only games but also developing some amazing, innovative technologies, that bring you a whole new level of experience and a so much more enjoyable gaming session.

Speaking of gaming, this brand has also made over 10 games thus far. All of them support many languages and currencies, have amazing bonus features, great design, modern technology with full mobile compatibility, smooth interface, and – most importantly – huge max wins. All this drew a lot of people in, who were enamored with the premium-level quality of RAW iGaming’s slots. To be frank with you, we are among such people, and we absolutely love the innovation and excitement that RAW iGaming brings to its creations.

With the hard work, dedication, and creative vision that dwells in RAW iGaming’s team, this brand has a bright future ahead.
With the hard work, dedication, and creative vision that dwells in RAW iGaming’s team, this brand has a bright future ahead.

Brand New Slots from RAW iGaming

RAW iGaming always works to bring you some amazing content, and recently the brand has made some wonderful titles, some of which are presented below.

The Magnificent SuperSlice

Looking for a slot with a huge max win and a gorgeous design? Then how about checking out The Magnificent Super Slice – an incredible Western-themed slot with a max win of up to 15,100x of your stake! This slot – like many others by RAW iGaming – has special SuperSlice mechanics, patented by this provider. But that’s not all, as The Magnificent Super Slice also has high volatility, different RTP rates, and many amazing features, like MagSpins, free spins, ClusterSpins, multipliers, and more!

Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl

If you are more of an Irish slots enjoyer, then Lucky McGee’s Super Slice Swirl is a really nice game to consider! In this high-volatility slot, you will help Lucky find his gold and his rainbow, and, if you succeed, he will award you with some riches, or maybe even the max win of the slot –  25,000x of your stake! That is so impressive! What’s even more impressive is the fact that Lucky McGee’s Super Slice Swirl has a lot of amazing bonus features: Windy Respin, Lucky’s Pachinko, free spins, Rainbow spins, and so much more.

Blackbeard’s SuperSlice Rings

Sail into the high seas and get a chance to dig up some buried treasure in Blackbeard’s Super Slice Rings! How big of a treasure? Worth up to 25,000x your current bet! On top of this great prize, Blackbeard’s Super Slice Rings has some other great things, like a neat design, different RTP ranges, and cool features: SuperSlice Rings, Multiplier Reel, free spins, Bonus Rush, ClusterSpins, etc.

Mad Joker SuperSlice Zones

Mad Joker SuperSlice Zones is a game that comic book fans will find especially appealing since the entire design of this video slot looks like something out of a comic book, which looks really amazing and refreshing. But the marvelous design is not the only typing that Mad Joker SuperSlice Zones has to offer, as this game also has a neat max win of 10,000x of your stake and the slot also has many bonus features – SuperSlice Zones, respins, free spins, a special wheel with prizes, Bonus Rush, and more!

Time of Chronos

One more newly-released RAW iGaming’s slot is Time of Chronos – a medium-high volatility game with a nice top prize of 10,000x your stake. This game also has a lot of features, and the ones you can enjoy are several options of respins, special symbols, free spins, multipliers, ClusterSpins, etc.

Latest RAW iGaming slots released in 2022

  • The Magnificent Super Slice 
  • Lucky McGees Super Slice Swirl
  • Blackbeards Super Slice Rings
  • Mad Joker SuperSlice Zones
  • Time of Chronos

RAW iGaming Online Casinos

If you liked the content that RAW iGaming makes and would now like to play this provider's slots for real money, you can do it at casinos that have RAW iGaming's slots in their games catalog. And below, we have found and added some of the best casinos that we highly recommend checking out. All of these platforms are licensed, with a large user base and they not only offer players bonuses for registration and activity on the platform. They also have very strong encryption for maximum security, and full mobile compatibility. Of course, these casinos have a lot of other good games you can play!
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  • Big collection of casino games
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Holds multiple licenses
Top rated 2
Betsafe logo Betsafe Review
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  • 24/7 live chat support
  • No withdrawal limit
  • Over 1000 games to play
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Omni Slots logo Omni Slots Review
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  • Variety of games
  • Live Chat
  • Frequent promotions

Mobile Slots from RAW iGaming

Mobile Slots from RAW iGaming
You can easily play RAW iGaming's slots on mobile because this is a mobile-friendly provider that implements modern technology to all of its games. Therefore, if you ever wish to play slots that RAW iGaming has made, you can just open the game you were interested in Via mobile browser and launch the slot like you would on PC.

Best Online Slots from RAW iGaming

While all the slots that RAW iGaming has released have a fantastic design, a lot of features and great max wins, etc, and all of them are very engaging, some of these slots still became especially popular and beloved by RAW iGaming’s fans. These slots include the following.

Journey to Chaos

Journey to Chaos is a beautiful-looking Egyptian slot, with medium-high volatility and a variable RTP that can go as high as 95.56%. Other than that, Journey to Chaos also has a really pretty design, and a lot of bonus features like Chaos Spins, Free Spins, Bonus Rush, Clusterspin, and more. Plus Journey to Chaos has a really decent max win of 15,000x.

Journey to Chaos slot

Wheels of Rock

Let’s rock in this joint in the Wheels of Rock slot! In this exciting high-volatility game, you can enjoy a nice and detailed design, and win up to 25,000x of your stake. You’ll play with a variety of bonus features, like MagSpins, free spins, multipliers, and respins.

Wheels of Rock slot

SuperTracks Railways

SuperTracks Railways is a very interesting and we dare say innovative slot, with unique and engaging gaming mechanics. This game has a nice design and an even nicer max win, worth 20,000x your current stake. On top of that, this medium-high volatility slot has Clusterspins, Bonus Rush, Journey Helpers, and Blockers features, and 3 train stations that you can enter to get free spins and other bonuses.

SuperTracks Railways slot

Popeye vs Brutus SuperSlice

Get ready for some rumble because the well-known Sailor Man Popeye takes on Brutus in RAW iGaming’s amazing, medium volatility slot – Popeye vs Brutus Superslice. The game has a very similar, cartoonish art style like we’ve seen in Mad Joker SuperSlice Zones, and it looks absolutely astonishing and even nostalgic. But it's not just the design that you can enjoy in Popeye vs Brutus Superslice, because this video slot also has amazing bonus games like Spinach Respins, Olive Oyl’s Heart Spins, Bonus Rush, Clusterspin, and more. As for the max win, Popeye vs Brutus Superslice allows you to win up to 7,800x your stake.

Popeye vs Brutus SuperSlice slot

The Good, The Bad and The SuperSlice

One more nice Western-themed slot that RAW iGaming has released is The Good, The Bad and The SuperSlice. In this high-volatility game, you have the chance to win up to 25,000x. To make things more fun and easier for you, RAW iGaming also added a lot of features to The Good, The Bad and The SuperSlice. These are SuperSlice Split mechanics, Buffalo Respins, The Jameson Gang Shootout (where you can actually shoot!), Bonus Rush, Clusterspins, etc.
The Good, The Bad and The SuperSlice slot

Slot Name Release date Theme Paylines Reels RTP Free spins
Time of Chronos 2023-02-02 Legends 50 5 95.5% Yes
Mad Joker SuperSlice Zones 2023-01-26 Joker SuperSlice™ 0 95.5% Yes
Popeye & Olive Oyl 2023-02-17 Cartoons 243 5 95.5% Yes
The Secret of Ali Baba 2023-03-23 Oriental 16,807 5 95.5% Yes
Scatters Matter 2024-02-22 Gems Scatter Pays 7 95.6% Yes
We are sure you will enjoy each and every RAW iGaming slot thanks to unique features and mechanics.
We are sure you will enjoy each and every RAW iGaming slot thanks to unique features and mechanics.

RAW iGaming Slots RTP & Volatility

RAW iGaming adds different volatility and Return to Player ranges to its content, and the one you get depends on the slot you play. Nevertheless, from what we've seen, the volatility of the RAW iGaming's slot tends to be at a high level, which gives bigger payouts but less frequently. As for the RTP, it is also quite variable, but, usually, it is, unfortunately, a little below average, and can be from 92% up to 95%.

Top 10 of RAW iGaming Games

As you try to find the perfect RAW iGaming’s slot for yourself, you can start by taking a look at some of the most popular options, and then decide which slot would be the most ideal based on your preferences. So here are some of these most popular RAW iGaming slots that so many people love!

Best Online Slots by RAW iGaming

  • Journey to Chaos
  • Wheels of Rock
  • SuperTracks Railways
  • Popeye vs Brutus
  • The Good, The Bad and The SuperSlice
  • Mad Joker SuperSlice Zones
  • Blackbeards Super Slice Rings
  • Lucky McGees Super Slice Swirl
  • Time of Chronos
  • The Magnificent Super Slice

RAW iGaming Achievements and Awards

While RAW iGaming has not won any awards just yet, this brand does have some respectable accomplishments. The first and foremost is of course the fact that RAW iGaming has developed some of its own, unique patents – special features that it implements into its slots – SuperSlice, SuperTracks. In addition to that, they also made smaller Add-on features, like Clusterspin and Bonus Rush. Given that this company is not even 5 years old yet and has already made several incredible and groundbreaking features are already extremely respectable.

But the list of RAW iGaming’s accomplishments doesn’t end there, because this company has also received a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority. This shows that RAW iGaming adheres to all the regulations and rules of the gambling industry and that this is a fair and trusted brand.

RAW iGaming Slot Features

We were truly impressed with how many features slots from RAW iGaming have. While these are diverse, and can sometimes even be exclusive to the slot, a lot of the features appear more often than others, such as:


SuperSlice is an exclusive feature/mechanic patented by RAW iGaming. With it, you play on so-called “slices” that can range from 2 to 12. These slices have a wheel design and carry different prizes that you can get. The number of slices you get and what prizes they hold are random, which makes this feature not only more rewarding but also more thrilling to play! Many RAW iGaming do have SuperSlice, and the slot with this feature usually has it in the title, such as Popeye VS Brutus SuperSlice, The Good, The Bad and The SuperSlice, The Magnificent SuperSlice, etc.


Another exclusive feature that RAW iGaming has patented is SuperTracks. It’s really simple – you follow the specific symbols, and if these symbols start to follow a track you will get some prizes. With SuperTracks, you are not paid based on win lines, but based on the movement and the position of the symbols you track. Thus, the more you track, the grander wins you get. For now, the only slot that has the SuperTracks feature is SuperTracks Railways.


ClusterSpin is an exciting feature, which is present in a lot of games made by RAW iGaming. With this feature, you can actually wager on whether you will lose or win. If that guess turns out to be correct, you can win some, let’s call it, consolation prize, which can be worth about 1,000x, depending on the game.

Bonus Rush

One more common feature you can come across in a lot of slots by RAW iGaming is Bonus Rush, and this is essentially a bonus buy. Basically, you can activate  Bonus Rush, and purchase whatever option you want, and instead of waiting to trigger a special feature regularly, you can activate it right after the purchase and whenever you want. Pretty convenient, if you don’t want to wait for a special feature to trigger.

RAW iGaming Themes

The slots catalog of RAW iGaming is really diverse and has different themes that would appeal to a lot of players. However, some of the most beloved themes of RAW iGaming are:


RAW iGaming has made several Western-themed slots, such as The Good, The Bad and The SuperSlice, and The Magnificent SuperSlice. Both of these games have the SuperSlice bonus, and also they feature a very immersive atmosphere, with an incredible, detailed design.


Egyptian themes have almost become a classic at this point, and for many providers, Egypt is one of the first themes they tackled. So, to appease all the fans of this theme, RAW iGaming has also made a really great slot with an Egyptian theme – Journey to Chaos.


If the pirate life is for you and you enjoy slots about deep blue sees and booties, then you will be glad to find out that RAW iGaming does have an amazing pirate-themed slot – Blackbeard’s SuperSlice Rings.

Overall RAW iGaming Gaming Experience

With all that said, we can say with certainty that the content of RAW iGaming has absolutely amazed us, and we were incredibly impressed with how interesting and even groundbreaking the games from this provider were. And it’s not just the games, but also the fact of how responsibly RAW iGaming seems to approach content creation, and how reliable this brand is, given its stellar reputation and MGA licence.

Because of all this, and especially because of the amazing content that RAW iGaming makes, we absolutely recommend checking its stuff out, and we are really looking forward to any new releases from this brand.

Ella Houghton
Ella Houghton
Expert Opinion
In my search for the most accurate and useful information, I go on deep research, which also includes communicating with providers directly to get some exclusive information. After I have all the data, I write these articles and pass them up to our team of professionals that check the reviews for correctness. Once all is set, the articles make their way to you!

RAW iGaming slots - FAQ

Is RAW iGaming safe?

Yes, RAW iGaming is a secure and trusted brand, which has been licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority – one of the largest and most reliable licensing bodies.

Can I play slots from RAW iGaming in other languages?

You can! Most of the RAW iGaming’s slots support about 31 languages.

Which currencies RAW iGaming accepts?

RAW iGaming accepts all the major currencies – Euros, USA Dollars, British Pounds, etc. Overall, this provider supports about 63 currencies.