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02.10.2017 16:02

When it comes down to crafting a creative idea for a slot machine, NetEnt is really hard to beat. Attraction is no exception of this rule and just goes to prove that it dispenses a rather different concept of separate bonus features as it integrates all the extra ones in the base paly, featuring 5-reels, 3-rows & 10 pay-lines as well as regular Wilds that shift their shape to a Sticky kind that duplicates randomly to bring hefty payouts and complimentary re-spins after each successful Wild duplication. The graphics and the design of this slot are pretty amusing to look at, with a backdrop set in an underground science laboratory where electricity goes wild, and a thrilling yet unobtrusive soundtrack with numerous scientific gadgets rolling on the reels to keep you occupied. A mad scientist is watching the development of his experiments from aside, hoping to strike as many winning combinations as he possibly can in his effort to become world’s most renowned professor. Further, he electrifies anything he can get his hands to using electric currents to spice things up, and a magnet to seize & expand those Wilds on a position of his choice only, only to stretch them outwards randomly and cover an entire reel/row by creating new Wilds or by duplicating the seized ones if you please.

The Law of Magnetism

Unlike many scientists in the world, our professor utilizes the magnetic field as his main tool in this slot. Keep an eye for the magnet beam that indicates the magnet’s position for each spin. The mad professor dispenses a magnet on either sideways or above the reels for each spin, as upon seizing a Wild symbol on a respective reel (landing on only the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel of the slot) triggers the Magnetism field and electrifies the Wilds, which in turn stretches them out and enables them to duplicate themselves at a path of their choice, only to transform them into Sticky Wilds and shoot out a ball of electricity to signify the action. Upon electrification you’ll receive a complimentary re-spin in addition to all the duplicated Wilds, with the option to attract even more Wilds and stack ‘em up to cover the entire screen which could potentially cover you up in gold as such a combination on a maximum stake brings Attraction’s most valuable prize worth gigantic 50.000 coins! Never underestimate a crazy professor with a magnetic vision!

The Law of Magnetism

Science Lab Gadgets

In this underground laboratory, you’ll find a vast array of weird yet wonderful scientific and electronic gadgets to help you with your experiments. A standard, sequence of playing deck of metallic-style cards (10-A) stands for the game’s symbols of lower values. The symbols of higher values are represented by computer screens, glowing lights, tangled wires, and Geiger Counters which are the most valuable ones, as a combination of 5 rewards anywhere between 150 and 500 times your bet amount. Feeling the attraction yet?

Experiment Costs

Every research comes at a price, and all you need to do in order to prepare yourself the best way you can for this one is to adjust the stakes at your own preference. Luckily, the levels of attractiveness in this slot are fully alterable to suit every player’s needs, thus varying between 1 and 10, and offering a coin value of 7 up to 1 coin per spin. Subsequently, the minimum stake is valued at only €0.1, and the maximum bet is valued at €100 per a single spin. This combination surely welcomes all types of players regardless of their financial status.

Low or High Attraction?

With interconnected bonus features as well as bet denominations that suit every bankroll, and an inclusive, apt soundtrack that depicts the science & magnetism theme perfectly, NetEnt’s Attraction is undoubtedly a no-brainer regardless whether you are a science buff or not! Conversely, it will provide a lot of fun and excitement in your way of obtaining the handsome prizes in store. Feel free to be the judge of your own case and see whether it’s worth giving it a go or not, at one of the top-rated online casinos recommended below, as they offer an array of welcoming bonuses and free spins for everyone. Bring more of the good stuff and may luck escort your scientific escapade, players!
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