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Fantasini Master of Mystery

21.09.2017 19:33

NetEntertainment is widely known for their ability to keep things simple without having to remove any fun segment necessitated in an exciting piece of slot ware by any type of player, and they proved it again with this 5-reel 3-paylines grand-magician themed video slot. This is really great refreshment in the online gambling slot community because many of the modern slots are all so complicated or just too fussy, and are slow paced or immature. Not just the end Fantasini: The mysterious master is also interesting. This game-style is a mix of a user-friendly screen which is crystal clear and implements 243 ways to win the system, instead of traditional betting lines.

A Magician Show

A textured layer is added to the experience by the velvety backdrops and the burnished metal symbols with rustic colors and a classic, all-around feel about the game which fits perfectly with the story-line. A standard sequence of playing cards (9-A) represents the lower-value symbol section, while the higher ones are represented by a red-chained box, a crystal ball, golden handcuffs, 3 cards pierced with a knife, and Fantasini’s lovely personal assistant. The grand magician Fantasini, stands for the Wild Symbol himself, with the power to substitute all and every symbol across the entire stage, on a respective pay-line that is. Liberal 3D effects with misting of colors as well as glowing metal chains are used throughout as graphics effects, all to provide a touch of magical sprinkling feeling and thrills. The Grand Master’s beautiful personal female assistant is appearing on stage right beside him, to help both of you perform at your best at her presence, adding to the overall excitement. Probably the best thing is the magnificent instrumental music that is almost moody to the senses, building up both an ever great crescendo on larger wins and the pace in all features, keeping the excitement on a maximum level.

A Magician Show

Platform 9¾

You cannot set the lines when considering this 243 road game, but both the betting level and the coin value can be changed, so you get big bet options ranging from 0.25 to 125 in each spin! NetEnt includes an auto-spin feature implemented that allows you to sit back, chill out and enjoy without having to interact with the game whatsoever. This can be practically useful when playing on a smaller device such as a mobile phone or a tablet that you do not want to control every turn. The unique bonus award in this competition is the exciting linkage feature - each turn sees at least two of the reels doubled and connected! When the reels start turning, if they hold the ties, the excitement can make a twin, triple, quad or five-fold turn in the same way! Combine this with a maximum bet of a high value and simultaneous gains for different symbols and this game offers somewhat generous high payouts and a significant possibility to boost your bankroll should you have a 4-leaf clover in your back pocket. Mobile versions of some games may be compromised, but the NetEnt Touch ™ version of this game actually improves visuals and fewer reels fit the perfect mobile screen, which almost feels completely unique for mobile-friendly usage.

Ticket Prices & Final Words

The betting limits refer to the minimum and maximum amount of shares for each possible spin in a slot. To calculate both, you need to find the minimum or maximum coin value and bet level and multiply with the amount of pay lines in the slot. Fantasini: Master of Mystery offers € 0 to € 0.50, betting levels of 1 to 10 coins. So, that leaves us looking at a minimum bet per spin of only €0.25, and a maximum bet worth €125, which definitely welcomes all types of audiences, regardless whether they are magic aficionados or not. Definitely a show worth attending to! Visit our NetEnt slot casino providers and use their welcoming bonuses prior to giving yourself into a pure magic show that will blow your mind away! Best of luck.
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