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Bust the Bank

10.08.2017 21:44

If you fancy bright, rich crime slots, with loads of fun and humor added to already the huge potential to loot some decent cash prizes, then Microgaming’s: Bust the Bank slot will surely be right up your street. The story behind this robbery themed slot is about Bob and Larry, who are partners in crime, or professional bank robbers if you please, who you’re going to have to conspire with and join their thief order if you are going to take hefty bags full of cash and gold back home. They use mainly dynamites and bombs in their heists, but a couple of valiant police officers and their well-trained Bulldog always seem to foil the genius plans of the bombastic criminal duo. So, Bob and Larry start thinking about escaping from the police instead of dreaming where and how they will spend all their pecuniary stolen goods.

Visual Graphics

The slick graphics and animations are a great touch to this slot, along with the ambient Pink Panther-esque soundtrack made to enhance the intrigue and excitement, which makes for a perfect fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping piece of slot ware. All of it adds up to the already exciting stealth action which puts you in the middle of an epic bank heist where you have a constant feeling of adrenalin for not knowing whether you will get busted by the police at any moment, or you will get away with all the gigantic prizes.  For example, whenever you land a winning combination with the police dog symbol, you will not only witness how a ferocious bulldog falls in love with a svelte poodle whenever she trots past him, but you will also see how the bulldog jumps and licks the screen in other winning combinations. Or when you land 3 bombs and trigger the Free Spins feature, you will see Bob and Larry plant all kinds of heavy artillery just above the first and the last reel of the play board, to explode and steer them entirely into a frenzy mode in order to loot the game’s biggest treasures in store, and potentially cover you up in gold. Of course, banks are always a shining mark when the arrows of winning combinations are flying.

Stick ‘em Up, This is a Heist!

The slots 5 reels set against an iron-clad safe, to which only the policeman and the 2 burglars legging it with sacks of swag know the unlock combination, but the reward, however, depends on the symbol that unlocks it. The symbols not only exhibit an arsenal of explosives and gadgets necessitated for a quirky bank robbery along with the thief order, but they also exhibit the law enforcement department who are desperately trying to catch the thieves before they plan their next brave heist. While symbols of lower value are represented by a police bulldog, a clockwork bomb, the security cash van, and the bank, the higher value symbols are depicted in a foxy lady cop driving a high-speed patrol car with her head out the window, a burly truncheon-wielding police officer and the 2 main greedy characters, Larry and Bob. Typically, you would want to keep the police at bay when robbing a bank, but in this case, you’ll be wishing that they appear out of nowhere, as the doughnut-eating policeman yields the 3rd highest payment of the slot, followed by the foxy lady cop but just shy behind the thieves. Try to distract the ferocious police Bulldogs and the daunting security guards, using every tool at your disposal – from Free Spins to Explosive Wilds and whopping 243 diverse ways to win the system. The game’s logo plays the role of the Wild Symbol, which is stacked and substitutes all of the symbols apart from the bombs with a skull mark on them, which is the game’s Scatter symbol that activates the main feature of the slot.

Stick ‘em Up, This is a Heist!

Show me the Cash!

Prior to joining either the thief order or the police enforce department, you should choose your wager. Whether you wish to roll big or small, this slot will undoubtedly entertain both penny-betters and high-rollers, as bet stakes range from 0.01 up to 1.00 per line, which leaves you looking at a low of €0.30 per spin, up to a high €300 per spin. Additionally, the ‘Autoplay’ feature is there and completely customizable to provide you with the liberty of watching the action unfold effortlessly, for the ultimate experience.

Piggy Bank Smash

You will want to keep an eye out for the pink Piggy Bank that appears randomly anywhere on the center 3rd reel of the board. When it appears on your screen, you will be prompted to smash the Piggy Bank by clicking it, which in turn will burst out and send some smashing Wild cash prizes your way, to make sure that you won’t leave empty-pocketed and feel disappointed with your loot at the end of the day. 

Safe Bonus

The green safe with a ‘Bonus’ mark on it, keeps some big money within secure. Hitting it on the 1st or the last 5th reel of the board will crack it open, not only pouring a random amount of golden coins out but also multiplying the win by cascading the gold down onto the symbols below itself.

On The Run

Watch out for Larry and Bob, who are being chased around town as they randomly run across your screen, dropping bags of cash just beneath the reels for you to scoop up and declare them yours. A fairly nice bonus while you’re waiting for the potentially high-paying free spins to turn the tables in favor of bolstering your bankroll account significantly.

Explosive Free Spins

Probably the most attractive feature which has an impressive return amount, and will never let you disappointed. The black bombshell with a white skull mark on it is the game’s Scatter symbol, which triggers the bombastic Free Spins feature. All you need to do is manage to seize at least 3 of them anywhere on the play board you’re in for a true ride on the concussion blast wave! Subsequently, the 1st and the 5th reel are entirely turned into Wilds by the lucrative bank robbers in addition to 8 explosive Free Spins which can potentially take you from rags to riches in a blink of an eye.
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