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Beauty and the Beast

25.11.2017 18:01
Yggdrasil: Beauty and the Beast Slots Complete Slot ReviewYggdrasil this time around would like to tell you a story, which you’ve surely heard before (as it is a world classic), though never like this! We are talking about Beauty and the Beast, a ‘tale as old as time’ filled with magic, romance, and even adventure! Plus, in this case, some pretty big wins too!

And if Belle, our lovely protagonist, didn’t fear the Beast and managed to see the kindness in him, then you shouldn’t either. Especially not in this slot, as he can grant you some serious cash rewards. So can the loyal, hardworking staff of this mystical castle, but more on them later.

This may seem like a regular 5-reel, 20-pay-line slot machine, but its unique theme and tons of special features certainly give it a magical vibe! What’s more, every spin here can range from a minimum of 0.20 to a maximum of 250. Which means any player, whether a high-roller or not, can enjoy this slot. You have every right to choose the size of your bets, but the truth remains that the bigger your bet – the greater the potential prizes will be!

A Castle Shrouded in Mystery

Gather up your courage and step inside this gorgeous mystical structure decorated in sculptures, stained glass windows, and frozen flowers. Atop the wonderfully-designed reels is the master of this castle, the Beast himself, and to the side you will find pictures of his servants: The Maid, The Butler, and the Chef.

Not only can these well-thought of characters bring even more life to your gameplay, but they can also seriously reward the brave traveler, you, with plenty of prizes. The control panel also fits into this gloomy yet enchanting atmosphere, as it is made to look like the walls of a castle. It has all kinds of options which allow the player to adjust their bets, and much more!

As for the reel symbols themselves, they are of our two main Protagonists, Beauty and The Beast, with several variously-colored Gemstones, as well as a Red Rose – the Symbol for Love. These base game Symbols can offer up some decent wins to be sure, even though it’s the bonuses which are the highest-paying, as you will witness below.

If you manage to get 5-of-a-kind of the Beast or Belle on your pay-line, you’d be looking at 250 coins. There’s even a Free Spins Feature which can grant you a maximum of 5000 coins. And get this, such a feature can be had at absolutely any spin, which makes your winning chances sky-high!

A Castle Shrouded in Mystery

Meet the Staff!

Since we mentioned the Free Spins, we should also mention that they are a little unique. With 3 or more Rose Symbols you’d be looking at up to 5000 coins with 10 Free Spins. Moreover, the tree servants we mentioned can transform this Free Spins Feature. And even though they are considered Bonuses, you can find them during your base game too. They simply offer more when it comes to the Free Spins.

Once the Free Spins load, the player will be tasked with choosing 2 of the following:

  • The Butler – Once this Symbol comes into play, he can grant you the best winning combo there is! He does this through nudging a reel down or up one position.

  • The Chef – With this Symbol, the 3 middle reels become synchronized, which allows for some pretty grand wins.

  • The Maid – What this Symbol does is replace 2-4 Symbols randomly on the reels.

But even that’s not all, as it is totally possible to Re-Trigger those Free Spins. If the player manages to achieve this, they will once again get their hands on this diligent Staff, perhaps even all 3 of them this time! Yes, there are also Wilds at play, which can substitute for all the other Symbols. But the high-rollers among you will be especially happy to see the Golden Bet, yet another bonus feature!

With it you can get your hands on the Boost (spend an extra five coins per spin and win more during the Free Spins Feature), the Nudge (an extra 15 coins per spin means you’ll be able to trigger the Free Spins Bonus more often than before), and Boost and Nudge (you can already imagine that it costs an additional 30 coins a bet, but it also provides both the Boost and Nudge benefits we mentioned, in every single spin!).

A Beauty She Is

And no, we’re not talking about Belle this time, we’re referring to Yggdrasil’s slot! With so many bonus ways of winning big, combined with a fun and exiting gameplay, is there anything else one could ask for? We think not, and neither will you if you give it a try at one of our top-rated online casinos. You may just get rich enough to become the master of your own castle!

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