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Simple and Fast Casino Payments Guide
Simple and Fast Casino Payments Guide

Simple and Fast Casino Payments Guide

04.04.2018 21:32
The Quick and Easy Casino Payout GuideAh, the subject of casino payouts. Such an important matter indeed, but not exactly one that is easy to understand. And yet, like we said, since it is so crucial to understanding how these payouts work, we need to give it our best to make sense of it, even if math has never really been on our side.
The thing is if you were to have a conversation with 3 different people about the same topic, namely that of casino payouts, then there is actually a pretty good chance that they would be talking about 3 different things! As a matter of fact, the term “casino payouts” itself can truly be as confusing as, say, one trying to figure out an extremely hard riddle.

Is It Really as Difficult as It Seems?

Having said that, it is also true that if one understands the context of this complicated casino payout discussion…well, let’s just say that they may just realize that it is a whole lot simpler to understand then they had initially thought! In other words, there is no need to despair, as there is hope yet, even for those players among you who have been breaking a sweat for a while now, and are already feeling frustrated.
After all, anything to do with cash is a subject which one should not take lightly. So today, we have taken it upon ourselves to delve deep and explore those online casino payout percentages, as well as the table ratios, and even the withdrawals, all for the sake of helping you, the player, with understanding the complex topic of casino payouts. If you think this article is definitely something which might interest you, then you are more than welcome to read further below! Let us start with…

1. Casino Payout Percentages

While you, as the player, are on the prowl for a good online casino where you would like to park your chips at, you will surely stumble upon many different sites, all of which are boasting with different payout percentages.
If we were to look at the usual way things are, then we can safely state that most (if not all) online casino payout percentages range somewhere between 95% and 98%. Now, let us say that an online casino happens to have a payout rate of 97%. All fine and good, but such a rate does not mean at all that one would win 97% of the time (no matter how much we may wish it was really so).

Casino Payout Percentages
Rather, what it really means is that, overall, this particular casino gives 97 percent of all the combined bets back to their players. So, for instance, if an online casino were to take in $150,000 a day in wagers, then that would mean (in this case) that $145,500 is returned to the online casino players. A pretty clear example, right? Next, we have…

2. Casino Payout Ratios at Tables

If you have ever heard any fellow players talk about the good and the bad casino pay-out ratios at the playing tables, we can assume that, most probably, they were talking about those individual hands, and maybe even whether the payout ratio is truly worth it. A very good question indeed, if we may say so.
In order to illustrate this with a simple example, let us take the popular game of Blackjack. Here one would find various casino pay-outs that are based on what hand the player beats the dealer with. Let us imagine that your hand manages to beat the dealer’s, and neither one of you hits Blackjack. No complex math there, as this would mean that you will end up paid out 1:1.
In other words, for every single $1 in a chip that you choose to bet, you would accordingly win $1. Well, unless you just so happen to be playing $1 tables at O’Shea’s in Las Vegas, in which case you are most probably wagering more than only $1. Now, let us imagine you bet 100 dollars on a hand of Blackjack. This would mean you winning 100 dollars, assuming your hand ends up beating the dealer's.

Casino Payout Ratios at Tables

If the dealer manages to bust the player, and that player stays alive, then the very same 1:1 casino pay-out ratio applies. Or, assuming it’s your lucky day and you end up hitting a Blackjack—while the dealer doesn’t— then you would end up getting a casino payout ratio of no less than 3:2. We believe it’s pretty clear what this means: for each $2 the player puts down, the dealer would ship $3 their way. Meaning, if you were to bet $100, in this case, you would earn $150! Last but not least…

3. What About Withdrawals?

If the player were to visit absolutely any online casino, or even any online poker forums, then they would most likely find those kinds of players who associate checks and bank wires with casino pay-outs. In such threads, we can guess they are probably discussing casino pay-outs and their relation to withdrawals. You may just hear things such as: “This site has the quickest casino pay-outs which I have ever seen”. Or perhaps something along the lines of: “This poker site has the slowest ever casino pay-out department”.
But really, it doesn’t matter how one looks at it, the truth remains that all casino pay-outs are about, no surprise, getting paid! One cannot experience the wonderful feeling of a casino pay-out if one doesn’t make a deposit, though. We suggest searching for a deposit bonus (there are more than enough out there, trust us), and pumping up those winnings of yours, prior to you actually hitting the tons of available online casino tables, or online slot games.


We sincerely hope that what you have read here will be (or maybe already has been?) of some use to you when it comes to better understanding the payouts at online casinos. If the answer to this is yes, then there’s nothing stopping you from checking out the many online slots we have to offer on such top-rated online casinos. What is left for us to do now is to wish you the very best of luck with your playing out there!
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